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  • Understand the Chakra system
  • Identify beliefs that are creating frustration and overwhelm
  • Create new empowering belief systems
  • Develop rituals and practices that build confidence and self-esteem
  • Connect with your soul to live your authentic life
  • Remove blocks to release self-doubt
  • Gain even more confidence and love who you are
  • Feel even more comfortable in your body
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Develop trust for yourself and others
  • Live in the moment and trust your intuition
  • Have a life full of abundance, resources and gratitude
  • Create the life you always dreamed of having
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We are dedicated to helping you discover your inner strength and wisdom healing through the Chakra system. Our mission is to help you turn your struggles into miracles and to live your best life.

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"The most important thing I have learned is to be able to think for myself. I now have access to so many tools to help me every day to better myself. I now trust my instincts and my decisions and I know I deserve to be the person I want to be. Being a part of your community makes me feel like I am not alone. I loved working with Brenda because she was patient and I was able to tell her anything and not be judged. She provides such positive experiences."
"Things are going so great because my perspective has changed. My biggest shift with taking this course is the way I treat myself has changed dramatically. My self worth  and my confidence has gone up. I have a better understanding of who I am and what I want. Before starting with Brenda I was trying to fill a hole and I felt lost and that something was missing.  Well I found that and it was my love for myself. I love having all the tools now to help myself every day. I loved how supportive you have been and that no matter what I have said or shared with you there was never any judgement. I appreciate you and everything you have done by helping me walk through some of my hardest things that I have faced."
"Brenda Kiss is an intuitive and compassionate woman. I met her about six months ago at a very low emotional time for me. Although I was seeing a therapist, it was Brenda's "homework" assignments following each session that lifted me out of a deep depression following surgery. I am grateful to Brenda for her knowledge and wisdom which helped rescue me from despair"

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After spending 25 years in the industry of personal development and helping tens of thousands of individuals I have come across many people that want to help others, but don’t possess the personal transformation themselves, nor have the skill set or the intuitive know how, Brenda has the trifecta. Brenda was a client of mine and I saw her personally transform every area of her life and has become an amazing Certified NAP & NLP Practitioner able to create true transformations for her clients at a level far above any coach out there. She continues to refine her skills and because of that is one of the best.
- Lisa Lieberman-Wang, Co-Founder NAP Coaching Academy, Licensed Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer, #1 Bestselling Author FINE to FAB

Brenda Kiss is a Transformative Neuro-Reiki™️ Master, helping you turn your struggles into miracles to eliminate stress, overwhelm, anxiety and to discover that missing piece to help feel guided, directed, connected and happy. Allowing you to step out of the struggle into freedom.

She is a Certified NAP and NLP Practitioner and Transformative Neuro-Reiki™️ Master - combining a deep understanding of the mind and the power of energy healing to rapidly transform lives.

Brenda had struggled with body image and weight for  25 years. Feeling lost in her life she turned to food and other people’s problems to help her deal or not deal with her own problems and  emotions. Most days she struggled with internal battles over everything but pretended and appeared to be happy.She lived in the world of “shoulds.” Often asking herself “should I eat this or that, should I sleep or stay awake, should i exercise or not, should I work or be a stay at home mom, and the list goes on from there.  After a major transformation many years ago, Brenda’s life improved in all areas:  health, wealth, spirituality, relationships and financially. She is truly happy with lots of love and abundance in her life. She realized 6 dress sizes in less then a year and has been the same size since. Brenda realized living with your inner wisdom and strength enables you to live in true happiness, love and abundance. Brenda is so passionate about helping others realize their truth. She developed a proven 10 week program, “Fear to Freedom - Healing through the Chakras”, to help those that are struggling with being lost in their own body, body image, weight or wanting to find their inner peace and love.

She studied at the Nap Coaching Academy, a one year certification process that focuses on bringing together cutting edge neuroscience, human psychology, therapy, intuitive listening, results focused coaching with proven skills and techniques to update the operating system and eliminate programs that no longer serve you, which allows you to install new upgrades that create optimum performance.

The NAP Coaching Academy has raised the standards and has created a NEW kind of coach, one that takes into account the whole person, mind,body and spirit. One that understands the art of neuroscience and how we are programmed.  We call this new kind of professional a Certified NAP and NLP Practitioner.  These are people who have gone through intense training for one year to understand and use the keys to unlocking true potential and happiness in their clients.  This coaching certification program exceeds all others to ensure the most elite coaches emerge to serve the great good.